Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Stormy Night

I ve seen it in movies, i ve read it in books and now it was happening to me. not even Chicago snow compares to it. i couldnt wait for the nightmare to end and get home...Wow what an experience i had last night. I was on my way home from my friends' house and boom from nowhere it started pouring with fierce lightining and thunder...Such a scary sight i havent seen in years.All of a sudden the roads flooded, the night was dark and foggy, i couldnt even see where i was going. Cars missed lanes, cars going in opposite direction drove in the same lane. It was absolutely chaotic and frightening, the only thing visible were 'confused' headlights from other cars. The roaring of the thunders, the howling of the winds, the falling of trees and street lights was more than a setting of a horror movie. I thought my life had come to an end The worst moment was when i got to the traffic lights near Gautrain station, a bill board had fallen on the middle of the road, an emergency break had to be made..and guess what? The person behind me nearly hit my car, they had no idea what was ahead of me. A decision had to be made real fast...and that was to seek refugee by the filling station, until the 'horror' died down..What a night..

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