Monday, 19 March 2012


I thought growing up meant losing interest in birthday celebrations, i ve just realised i have been wrong. My mind is still filled with flashbacks form the just ended weekend of March 16th. Yes it was my birthday, on a friday, the acclaimed 'father's day'. Well let me begin by stating that i ve never been told that i am loved as much as i have been this year's birthday. Come on now, we all love some little attention. i think i got so much more than i deserve. O well, forgetting that three days before my birthday i had been sick, let me say i could rewind the day over and over again. It sacked going to school on my birthday, but hey sometimes a woman just needs to do what needs to be done. I must say, it ddin't entirely mess my day. It was actually fun getting more love and well wishes from friends around campus.
The clock ticked 7:30pm and i was no where near ready for my 8;00pm dinner. This is one day i   needed three hours of dress and make up. Ofcourse for all the obvious reasons. I was the queen of the night and i had to look it. By 8:15pm, i entered into an amazing setting. The place, the atmosphere was just too beautiful. Friends and family all looked amazing. It wa a time no one  thought about her/his issues at home. We all just wanted to have fun and fun and more fun.The man behind the mic and drums couldn't have done any better to make my night than what he did. He was teriffic..and when  he played my request; 'Lady soul', it was fire...and o yes i could do with a little dance with somebody who loved/loves me... thank you God for adding another year into my life....

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