Tuesday, 10 July 2012


little sis showing off boat ride on the blue waters of Lake Malawi
Just arriving at the Lake..

Lake Malawi- the true beauty of Africa. If you are looking for peace and calm with just enticing sounds of birds and water waves, Lake Malawi is the place to be. If you are looking for a taste of a delicacy of fish ever created, Lake Malawi is the place to be. This beautiful Lake runs from the Northern part of the country to the Southern part of the Country. What a convenience. People all over the country have a wider choice of which part of the Lake to visit. My favourite is Salima. Its near home and I enjoy driving through its beautiful scenery. A holiday is never a holiday without a visit to the lake. Warmth and friendliness of people around the lake makes you feel like there is no hate in this world. A perfect day starts with a lovely breakfast just outside hotel room, then on to a beach straw. If you are with a loved one, a walk on the beach holding hands is magical. I personally don’t mind spending three hours just chilling on the beach before I take lunch. Perfect lunch is best served on the beach resorts. Livingstonia is my favourite. After a perfect Chambo fish lunch and a proper cool-off,  a boat ride is undeniably an event worth taking….whatever follows after that, it is your own adventure!


  1. What ever follows after that is your adventure? Name your adventures then...