Thursday, 21 June 2012


It feels good to be home after about six months.. I am surely enjoying all the food i missed....and ofcourse being around mommy is the spice of my life..She is such an amazing woman.. i could never trade her for anything.. The weather isnt so bad like i thought it would be. Ofcourse this is our winter season, but i must say it  feels like summer. i do not need to walk around in boots and scarfs like i was doing in Mzansi.
Politics seems dirty as usual. I cant say much on the new leader we have. so far she has at least tried to bring us fuel. Can't agree much on some of the policies she is trying to bring just to appease the donors.. When will my people ever learn to work hard and not live a life of just receiving. Oh well, it appears we are no longer hosting the African Union summit. i was really looking forward. I thought it would put us on a platform..But well if it has been done for a good cause, then long-live genuine democracy in Malawi.
Devaluation seems another hicup. Malawi is very poor. I feel the devaluation percentage is too much. I have noted that alot of people in the Urban areas are already struggling so much. what more with my people in the village? God help us.

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