Saturday, 11 August 2012

What a month it has been. The dream finally came true for Britain to host the most anticipated International Event, The Olympics. Some may say their opening ceremony wasnt so great, others may say it was wonderful. Whatever different perception people may have, the truth still remains Britain did it. It is a dream for any Country to host such a prestigious event. Obviously for the obvious reasons. Which Country doesnt want visitors to bring in Forex.

But well, as for us viewers, i must say, Olympics has never been this entertaining. I dont really know what it is. But it seems people from all sector of life have been a part of this. People who dont even like  sports have been noted talking greatly of this event. Should i say that maybe its the culture that has come along  with Social netwoerks? Whatever it is i must say, this new new media of facebook, twitter, blogs etc  is really  bridging the communication gap that hasnt been there the past decades.

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