Thursday, 30 August 2012


Months before his death, there were roars of insults and curses circulating around the social networks. It was as  if the late president of Malawi hadn’t done anything good for the Country. That he secured food for his people, it was quickly forgotten. Not that it surprised me much, for it is easy to remember the wrong that people do than the good they do
What shocked me was, in the midst of fuel and forex shortages, some people ended up comparing the Country to Sodom and Gomorrah. Really?! But just as they say, talk is cheap. Today the Country seems to be in worst “Sodom and Gomorrah”. Reports on different media cite that crime has accelerated like never before in the Malawian History. (You will agree with me that crime was one of the atrocities of Sodom n Gomorrah). I also hear there is scarcity of water. As for devaluation, don’t even make me go there, last holiday was something else. I come from town and life was tough, what more with those in the villages.
When new Government took over, the message that offered hope and encouraged many was the message of love and forgiveness. But what followed? Vengeance.  I have never understood why in Many African Countries; particularly mine, when Government changes, it means people losing jobs. The bible commands us love. It says Love is the greatest gift of all. Where there is love, God commands blessings. How do we possibly expect to have an economic breakthrough without love? When we see others being tortured such as losing a job, we celebrate. I wonder why??

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