Thursday, 20 September 2012


The same way conception of a child happens when a loving man and wife meet, God desires  us  to also have a loving relationship with Him that willl enable us conceive and nurture the seeds that He plants us. However just like any pregnant mother does in taking care of the seed inside her, we have to do the same with these other seeds. We have to constantly, water them, feed them to make sure what we harvest is in accordance to what God desires of us. God only wants us to produce fruitful seed.
The devil however in his tricky ways, is never happy to see us progress or become productive, particularly in the field that make us glorify God’s kingdom. He constantly tries to bring all sorts of pain to bring us down. Some of his tricky ways include, fear. Fear is the root cause of most eveil. For starters it makes us doubt God’s goodness and mercy upon us, His ability to do things for our good. Fear makes us lose trust in God. Fear makes us listen to the voice that is not Godly, which in most cases brings us down. The devil also uses the trick of making us not get up when we fall, and yet the loving God promises us that He will never leave nor forsake  us. Sometimes God lets the devil try his tricky ways so that when God takes charge, He does it in abundance. Fear causes us to panic, it makes us to be impatient. We tend up questioning so much on when our harvest or birthing will come and yet, our God is a God of plan, purpose and timing. He rightly prepares us so that when we harvest, its of value.
There are ways to protect and nurtute the different  seeds that God plants in us; We have to stay in His word and teaching by constantly reading the bible, we have to attend church, prayer meetings, listen to his songs and teaching. We have to have a heart of thanksgiving. When we are grateful we are constantly reminded that our God is a provider, supplier, moulder, mentor and our strenghth to carry the seed when times become tough!

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