Sunday, 9 September 2012


What a fantastic way to end the mid-term break. I attend a woman of destiny conference. The conference ran for two days Friday and Saturday. It was themed “Created  to Birth Life”. I love it when women meet for such conferences. Not only do we get the freedom to express our deep feelings towards the reality of life, but there is also so much that we learn from each other. One woman’s story is always worth an encouragement to face the future no matter what it brings. There is always a sense of ‘if she overcame that, I can also overcome this’.
Looking at the theme I also learnt that as a Woman, not only were we created to birth life in the physical, there is more to it.  God has placed different seeds  which are the giftings in us that are just like a little baby  for us to conceive,  carry, nurture  and birth. These giftings God rightly plants in us. They include counseling, ministering, interceding, caring, etc. We have the privilege and responsibility to receive such a seed and water it until its ready to come out.  Just like pregnancy pains, we should expect that birthing these seeds  will not a smooth ride.  Pain of all sorts will come along and If we are not careful enough we can miscarry.
The message was just in season for me. Recently I got challenged in one area where God placed a calling. I have been called to minister through music among main other giftings.  Devil thinking he knew me better, I got stabbed in the back by my very own friends I never expected. It hurt so much that I even thought of quitting. OMG I would have miscarried my seed. Thank God that the little faith that remained in me, made me strong and God in His mighty power brought about revelation as to why everything happened the way it did. From today onwards, I have made up my mind to never look back and allow people discourage me on what God has gifted me to do. I am His precious daughter. He created me for a purpose. He set me a part for greater exploits. He rightly molded me and carries me on the palm of His  hand. I am a Woman of destiny!!

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