Friday, 25 May 2012

My Chelsea, My pride.......

Not only have they clinched a double this year..They are also making history as the first football club to sponsor formula one. As reported on Yahoo News, “ Sauber’s  cars will spot the blue logo of the Champions league finalists Chelsea from next week’s Spanish Grand Prix as part of a deal  between the Swiss-based formula one team and the and the European champions”.
Watching Chelsea play in the Champions league final was indeed like watching a fairy tale. They had gone as under dogs, had a tough season and not many expected the blues to be crowned champions. But today all is history. They made it. They have two trophies in the bag. They are the pride of London, The pride of England, the Champions of Europe. They are Chelsea.   In that dramatic final, on the 19th of May 2012, when a Bayern goal came in the 83rd minute, it seemed as if that was it, the end, but Chelsea did not give up nor did they lose hope. They fought on and an equalizer came through 5-minutes later.  And then it was time for shoot or die in the penalties. Oh! Somebody calm my nerves, I can’t stand penalty shoot-outs! O well, they’ve made it, they are the champions of Europe!

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