Monday, 11 June 2012


A taste of crocodile?! no thank you...

The Spot is called Carnivores.  The Carnivores restaurant  is situated in natural surroundings,  facing the Krugersdorp hills.  Being a meat -lover alone doesn’t justify you to visit this place. You have to be adventurous and dynamic. When I was told, this was where my friends and I were heading to for dinner, I said, “wait a minute, I love meat but I don’t think I am that fierce to be called a carnivore”. I thought the menu would just be the random beef, chicken, or pork. My word! Crocodile, Impala, Zebra, Kudu and other game animals were also the specialty of the night..For a minute I thought I was in dreamland, until when the waiter came over with a round of crocodile. The meat looked tender and appetizing, but the thought of  how a live crocodile looks  and its character of devouring human beings, I said no no no, tonight I will not be so adventurous. We were four of us. My chicken and pork was enough for me but to my amazement the rest of my friends ate everything else that came through. By the way this is how service is done, U get seated at a table, like the norm in most restaurants,  you order your drinks and then for the main meal, they put a flag on your table and they bring different  meat in rounds.  So if first round brings chicken, second round brings pork and so forth. You get to eat as much as you want. They only stop serving when you ‘surrender’ and that’s by putting the flag down. Absolutely hilarious! Definitely one of my favorite spots in South Africa.

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